ACCC 2018 Convention: “The Faithful Gospel Preacher”

IMG_20180405_155157The forces of theological liberalism and evangelical compromise have yielded the harvest of spiritual confusion near the end of the 21st century’s second decade.  So many versions of the Gospel have risen and gained traction that many people have lost sight of the Biblical presentation of the message of God’s salvation.  Some have introduced social reform as the main message of the Gospel.  Others have tried to accommodate Biblical views to the aberrations of the debased culture in which Christ’s followers find themselves living.  There can be no doubt that those men whom God has called to preach His Word find even greater challenges than those who held forth the Word of Life in the midst of the last century.

The reaction to the death of Billy Graham in February of this year underscored those challenges.  Some who profess to be Biblical separatists gave an uncertain sound in the effort to avoid giving offense.  More than one lauded Graham as a “faithful Gospel preacher.”

Yet the recourse to the words of the New Testament reveals that Christ’s apostles provided the pattern, both by precept and example, for being “faithful Gospel preachers.”  They stood for the truth in the face of those who advocated lies.  They adhered to the sound doctrine in the whole counsel of God, and most importantly, refused to give aid and comfort to those who waffled or yielded to the forces of wickedness.

For its 77th annual convention, to take place October 23-25 at Bible Presbyterian Church, Collingswood, New Jersey, the American Council of Christian Churches calls the people of God to a renewed emphasis on what it means to be “a faithful Gospel preacher.”  We call all of the Lord’s people to emphasize anew the importance of adhering to the way of ministry that Christ’s apostles did all within their power to transmit to the generations that followed them.  To be faithful in the ministry in this time requires the same level of devotion as in every age—devotion to the Person and Work of Jesus Christ and to the willingness to bear His reproach and to proclaim His authoritative Word.

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Author: American Council of Christian Churches

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