Since World War II the ACCC has endorsed ordained clergy to our branches of the military, as well as to State and Federal prisons and to Veteran Affairs Hospitals. Dr. Marshall Tipton, retired Army veteran, is the ACCC’s endorser.

ACCC endorsed military chaplains are asked to send three percent of their base pay to the ACCC headquarters with a memo to the ACCC Chaplains commission. Newly endorsed prison and VA hospital chaplains are asked to follow a similar plan.

The ACCC endorses those who are already members of the Council (either individual members or belonging to a church, denomination, association or fellowship which are constituent members). If you are interested in serving the Lord with the chaplain family of the ACCC, first consider these essential qualifications:

  1. SPIRITUAL: Ordained, approved, and endorsed by a religious organization (or local church in some instances) recognized by the Department of Defense.
  2. PHYSICAL: Weight, age and required physical standards. These may vary by both need and military branch. Chaplain recruiters offer current assistance here.
  3. ACADEMIC: Undergraduate degree, M.Div or equivalent.
  4. OTHER: Certain additional requirements may apply according to our constituted fellowships or denominations.

For the military chaplaincy seek the assistance of a Chaplain Recruiter in your area. For prisons and Veteran Affairs Hospitals see the particular website of the institution you are interested in and visit the chaplains at these institutions.

If you are interested in serving as a chaplain endorsed by the ACCC, use our contact form or contact Dr. Tipton by email: