For 75 years the ACCC has adopted hundreds of resolutions through which our position on various issues is declared. Carefully prepared resolutions provide helpful information and direction.

ACCC resolutions thus far compiled are listed below by year, beginning with those most current.  Resolutions on particular subjects can be searched by the tag selections in the right sidebar or by using the “search” field.

Convention Theme: “WW2 to T4G: 75 Years of Faithful Gospel Ministry”
Recent Ecumenism of Roman Catholicism
Freedom and Respect for Civil Authority
Open Letter of Thanks to Dr. John and Diane McKnight
New Calvinism
The Assembly of Believers

Convention Theme: “Conviction or Confusion”

Evangelicals and Catholics Together statement, “The Two Shall Become One Flesh: Reclaiming Marriage”
Incarceration Of The County Clerk Of Rowan County, Kentucky
Papal Visit to America
Pope Francis’s Encyclical on Climate Change, “Laudato Si”
Supreme Court Decision Mandating Same-Sex Marriage

Young Earth Creationism
The Unbiblical Pronouncements of the 221st General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church USA
Standing against the Destructive Sin of Homosexuality
Resolution on Refo500
Marriage and Sexual Morality

Convention Theme—Divine Authority Challenged
Evangelical Concessions to the Sin of Homosexuality
Denying Liberty of Conscience
The New Evangelization for the Transmission of the Christian Faith
The Danger of Neo-Fundamentalism
The Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI

The Doctrine of Separation and the Spectrum of Evangelicalism
Godly Christian Living in Evil Times
Evangelical and Islamic Syncretism
Liberation Theology and Socialism
The Theological Danger of Non-Cessationism
Wheaton College and Cardinal Francis George
Faithful Shepherds in a Hostile Wilderness

Abuse Within Fundamentalism
Misinterpretations of the Heritage of Biblical Fundamentalism
Cherishing the Heritage of Biblical Fundamentalism
The Multi-Denominational Heritage of Biblical Fundamentalism

Together for the Gospel

The God of Sports

Is the Protest Over?

The Cultural Mandate