An Introduction to and Overview of the ACCC

When, why, and how did the American Council of Christian Churches start?

What are the core, essential doctrines that the ACCC requires for membership and operates within?

How is the ACCC as a council different from church associations, denominations, and fellowships?

Who are the current leaders of the ACCC?

What are the purposes of the ACCC, and how does it seek to accomplish those?

Watch this video of a webinar ACCC executive secretary Dan Greenfield gave December 14, 2020 addressing these key characteristics, providing you with an introduction to and an overview of the ACCC:

Author: American Council of Christian Churches

Since 1941 the ACCC has sought to PROVIDE information, encouragement, and assistance to Bible-believing churches, fellowships and individuals; to PRESERVE our Christian heritage through exposure of, opposition to, and separation from doctrinal impurity and compromise in current religious trends and movements; to PROTECT churches from religious and political restrictions, subtle or obvious, that would hinder their ministries for God; to PROMOTE obedience to the inerrant Word of God.