The Cultural Mandate


city-690967_1280American Council of Christian Churches
29th Annual Convention, October 28-30, 1970
Pasadena, California
Resolution on the Cultural Mandate

WHEREAS, there is abroad in the United States and in the world as a whole, an increased stress on the false doctrine known as “the cultural mandate” which cuts the nerve of true missionary work and of evangelism, and

WHEREAS, the “Cultural Mandate” theory erroneously builds its case on Genesis 1:28 which was given before the Fall of Man and before the promise of redemption through the “seed” of the woman (Genesis 3:15), which conditions will not again be available to man until after the return of Christ and after sin is removed, and

WHEREAS, the “Cultural Mandate” theory elevates itself either to an equal plane with or as superior to the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ to “go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15), and often minimizes the Great Commission as the primary mission of the Church today, and

WHEREAS, the “Cultural Mandate” theory has been used by the liberals and some of the neo-evangelicals today as the philosophical and/or theological basis for the false concept of the “Social Gospel,” as opposed to the Biblical and only true “personal Gospel” of salvation by faith in Christ, and also as the basis for a combination “gospel” mixture of the false and unscriptural “Social/Personal Gospel,” therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the delegates of the American Council of Christian Churches, meeting in Pasadena, California, October 28-30, 1970, join in a repudiation of the “Cultural Mandate” teaching, warn our constituency and other Bible-believing Christians of the subtle dangers of this false theory; and urge our churches to keep, as their primary mission and task, the preaching of the Gospel of Christ to the end that individuals might be brought to the knowledge of the Saviour, be redeemed by His precious blood, and grow in grace and the knowledge of His Word.


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Author: American Council of Christian Churches

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