The God of Sports

American Council of Christian Churches
62nd Annual Convention, October 21-23, 2003
Darlington, Maryland
“The God of Sports”

WHEREAS the Prophet Isaiah warns the people of God to shun the heathen for their land is full of idols, so we the American Council of Christian Churches need to remind the church of God that we here in America have our fair share of idols, including worship of the god of sports, and

WHEREAS wholesome athletic activity has great benefit in health and well-being, the unprecedented emphasis today in many cases makes it detrimental and unproductive to our well-being, and

WHEREAS Godly role models have been replaced with ungodly athletes whose attitude, arrogance, and often lewd and despicable behavior are many times overlooked because of their success in the field of play. Popularly labeled heroes are no longer individuals with moral character but are simply figures of importance because of the game in which they are involved, and

WHEREAS many Christians can recite athlete’s names, even whole team rosters, as well as scores, statistics, places, etc., and yet to their shame have committed to memory little Scriptural truth, and

WHEREAS the sports world has become a multi-billion dollar endeavor that has captured the hearts and minds of many of God’s people by overemphasizing professional sports and encouraging the inherent greed that is evident in the industry. Much time is often wasted in watching, playing, or supporting a favorite team, and is sad to see the extremes to which some will go to pursue a sports god while putting forth little effort to pursue spiritual matters, and

WHEREAS Satan has done an effective job in dividing families, with often half of them glued to televisions, sport columns, and sport magazines while the other half craves equal and quality time, and

WHEREAS Satan has used the god of sports to steal the Lord’s Day away from the people of God. It is not coincidental that the “big games” are played on Sunday, and many churches unfortunately are giving in to accommodating this schedule, and

WHEREAS if the real sports world isn’t enough, the proliferation of video games and now fantasy leagues is indicative of how entrenched this sports god has become,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the American Council of Christian Churches, meeting at its 62nd Annual Convention, in Darlington, MD, October 21-23, 2003, are saddened by the time and attention that has been given over to this idol and call on the church of God to beware, be warned, and be wise.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that we examine our hearts and homes and, if need be, tear down altars that have been erected to worship this false, empty god of sports and seek to keep the God of our salvation in His rightful place, which is the throne room of our hearts.

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Author: American Council of Christian Churches

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